Thursday, September 2, 2010

August 30, 2010

When we woke up at 6:30 it was 31 degrees and clear outside. We got up early to get a start on the long drive ahead to Stewart, B.C. It started up clear but clouded up quickly and rained off and on all day. The Cassair Highway had either been closed or you would have to use a pilot car at certain times of the day due to a forest fire. There was rain last week and the fire is almost out. There were some hot spots still burning and we drove in and out of smoke for about 30 miles.

We stopped at Jade City -- this is the vicinity where most of the world's jade comes from. There is also a closed down asbestos mine nearby. Close to the turn off for the Stewart/Hyder road, we saw 6 black bears either trying to cross the road or eating by the side. We stopped and took a picture of Bear Glacier before getting to Stewart. Besides Worthington Glacier this is the only other one along the trip from the lower 48 to Alaska that is this close to a public road.

We got a camp site at the municipal RV park in Stewart. After unhooking we drove across the border into Hyder. There is a Canadian border check point but not a U.S. one. We drove around the town of Hyder (a lot of the old buildings here are empty and for sale) and then out to the fish and bear viewing platform on Fish Creek. We saw Chum salmon and one momma grizzly and her cub. They were catching fish and eating them. I mailed mom a few postcards from the Hyder, Alaska Post Office -- the mail only goes out on Monday and Thursday. Stewart-Hyder is on the Portland Canal which is the 4th longest fjord in the world. Jim drove 439 miles today.

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