Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 9, 2010

Jim had to go into Seattle to the V.A. Hospital this morning to get a few extra pills. He left me and the Casita at Wal-Mart. We headed west and after we went over the mountains the weather dried up, the clouds disappeared, and the landscape turned to desert. We went through the town of Snoqualmie Falls. This is where "Twin Peaks" was filmed. We visited the brew pub and also the very huge falls from which the town takes its name. We went through Ellensburg on the way and stopped at another brewery, the Iron Horse. We drove through the picturesque Yakima Canyon and ended up for the day at the Big Pines BLM campground on the Yakima River. We had a rather large picnic table and I spread a blanket on top and we laid on it to watch the stars.

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