Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 7, 2010

We got up early and took the ferry through the San Juan Islands to Friday Harbor -- there is a National Historic Site here. The weather was cloudy and foggy. We visited the American Camp and English Camp. This was where there was a border dispute between America and Britain in the mid 1860's called The Pig War. Both nations claimed the San Juan Islands and each established military camps on San Juan island. The troops on both sides got along well and even had parties together. The dispute was arbitrated by Kaiser Wilheim of Germany who ruled that the islands belonged to the U.S. We rented a car on the island (it was cheaper than putting the Pathfinder on the ferry), and drove the loop road. We saw two lighthouses and vistited both the American Camp and the English Camp. We had something to eat before returning on the ferry to Anacortes. We went back to the Red Box and rented "Date Night". There is a loop road in our park that has some beautiful views of Puget Sound and Anacortes. There was a marvelous sunset.

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